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**Is the Company's Investment and Financial System Legal?**

- Yes, investing in our company is legal. Individuals not subject to international sanctions and crimes can invest anonymously or with their identity disclosed. *Find more details on our website under the 'About Us' section.*


**Is the Company Officially and Legally Registered?**

- Yes, our company is registered in the Free Trade Zone of Costa Rica and operates globally as an investment entity. *Refer to the 'About Us' section for relevant documents.*


**Does the Company Operate Legally Internationally?**

- Absolutely, our company has legal offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, operating within international legal frameworks. *Details are available in the 'About Us' section.*


**How Long Has the Company Been Operating?**

- We have been in operation for over 10 years, both domestically and internationally for more than 3 years.


Oil & Gold Investment online Platform


**How Does the Investment and Profit System Work?**

- We attract small capital investments and engage in significant markets such as oil, gold, and precious metals. *For detailed information, please refer to the " How it works? "  section.*


**Can Everyone Use the Investment System?**

- Yes, our investment opportunities are open to everyone without restrictions, except for individuals involved in international crimes or sanctions.


**What Funds Can I Use to Open an Account and Invest?**

- The primary investment account is based on Perfect Money. However, we also accept various cryptocurrencies.


**What is Perfect Money and How Can I Convert My Money to Perfect Money?**

- Perfect Money is a highly secure international electronic payment system facilitating online money transfers.


**Can I Invest with Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies?**

- Yes, investments above $1000 can be made using cryptocurrencies.


**Do You Recommend a Reliable Exchange?**

- We recommend using secure exchanges for currency conversions. *We provide a list of safe exchanges for Perfect Money and valid exchanges for cryptocurrencies.*


**Are Identification Documents Required for Investment?**

- No, regular investors do not need identification documents. Valid documents are only required for VIP accounts participating in conferences or face-to-face meetings.


**Can Investments Be Made Anonymously?**

- Yes, all steps can be completed anonymously. VIP accounts requiring in-person meetings must provide valid documents.


**Is Tax Required on Investment Profits?**

- No, the company operates in international free trade zones and is exempt from taxes. However, investors must comply with their country's tax laws.


**Is the Principal Investment and Interest Guaranteed?**

- The principal investment is 100% refundable, but profit is not guaranteed due to market fluctuations.


**What Guarantees this Investment?**

- The company's credibility relies on investor trust. Satisfied investors introducing new investments are vital to our business.


**How Long Does it Take for Benefits to be Deposited?**

- Interest payments are deposited into investors' accounts within 12 to 48 hours after the request.


**Are Interest Payments Made Daily?**

- Yes, we offer daily interest payments through our automated accounting system.


**Can the Company Suspend or Freeze Profits?**

- Profits are not halted, but in exceptional circumstances(natural disasters, war, etc.), delays of 3 days to 1 week might occur.


**Is Technical and Accounting Support Active and Helpful?**

- Absolutely, our online support team promptly addresses user and investor concerns.

Online Support 24/7 Availability:

Our online support system operates round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . We acknowledge the global nature of our investors; hence, our support team is always ready to assist, regardless of time zones.

Live Chat Assistance.
Email Correspondence.
Form Support.
Phone Support.


**Can I Meet Company Members?**

- Yes, face-to-face meetings with company managers are possible at our offices. VIP accounts can also participate in international conferences without prior coordination.


**What Are VIP Accounts and What Additional Features Do They Provide?**

- VIP accounts are for investments over $10,000 and offer special plans, quick returns, profit guarantees, and participation in conferences with free tickets and luxury accommodations.


**Where and When Are the Company's Annual Conferences and Meetings Held?**

- Our conferences are held in different countries yearly. A conference in Dubai, including free tickets and hotel, is an annual event for VIP members.


**How Can I Participate in Shareholders and Investors Meetings?**

- Conference times will be announced, and regular members need to register. VIP members do not require prior registration.


**Do I Need a Representative to Register?**

- No, you can register without a representative.


**Is It Beneficial to Introduce Investors?**

- Yes, introducing new investors is financially rewarding, offering profits through a tiered referral system.


**How Many People Can I Refer?**

- There are no restrictions on the number of investors you can introduce to the system.


**Can I Have Multiple Accounts?**

- No, each person is allowed only one account. Duplicate and delinquent accounts are automatically closed.


**How Can I Invest?**

- It's simple. Follow these steps:

Stept I  -  Create a user account on our website (Registration link).
Step II  -  Convert your capital into Perfect Money or other electronic currencies.
Step III - 3. Choose your desired plan from your user panel and transfer your capital to the company account.


**How Do I Register?**

- You can find the registration link in the main menu of our website.


**Where Do I Start to Invest?**

- Follow these three steps:

1. Create a user account on our site (Registration link).
2. Convert your capital into Perfect Money or other electronic currencies.
3. Select a plan from your user panel and transfer your capital to the company account.


Oil & Gold Investment online Platform