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Follow the rules

1- In order to have a permanent profit, it is necessary for all users to follow the rules.

2- Each user can only have one user account.

3- You cannot open an account for family members.

4- The IP identification system automatically blocks shared accounts with the same IP.

5- In the investor referral and introduction program, be careful not to register a new user from your IP and device.

6- The best way to introduce new investors is to send your personal link.

7- Accounts that are automatically closed by the system due to violations will be reviewed by experts again. This process may take about 10 to 30 working days.

8- Protect your username and password. Account validity criteria is email only.

9- The password recovery system is active and it is only possible to recover the password through email.

10- In case of any problem in the user account, proceed only through your user panel ticket. Administrative and accounting matters are answered only in the ticket.